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Contact Incremental Engineering for production parts that can be made to order via the HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

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SME Additive manufacturing

Consult Incremental Engineering as to how you could incorporate Additive manufacturing into your supply chain with the minimum disruption and maximum economic benefit.

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Stock holdings and call off orders

We can make in advance and hold stock until you are ready for your parts for JIT deliveries.

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Fast Prototyping

HP MJF production technology can also be harnessed for no-tooling, multi-iterative rapid prototypes

Incremental Engineering has been established for the purpose of serving SMEs with quality end use parts.

These parts can be made through either Additive Manufacturing (AM) or Hybrid manufacture, a combination of AM and traditional techniques. The additive manufacturing techniques used by Incremental Engineering are centred around Hewlett-Packard’s Multi Jet Fusion process.

With the release of Hewlett-Packard's Jet Fusion HP4200 manufacturing system end use engineering parts are able to be created through additive manufacturing. Available on short lead-times and in one off or batch quantities, there are no tooling or set up charges.

While there are some design constraints to parts that can be produced using Jet Fusion the potential is enormous for decreasing part costs and stock holdings.

If you would need engineering advice regarding the adoption of Additive Manufacturing please do not hesitate to get into contact with Incremental Engineering.

If you have parts that are currently made through SLS or other MJF supplies please get in touch for a competitive Incremental quote.

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