HP Multi Jet Fusion

Incremental Engineering uses an HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 4200 production system.  This HP MJF system manufacturers parts by layering PA12 (Poly-amide or Nylon) powder in fine layers of 0.08mm thickness.  To each layer the areas that are to become parts are in effect printed with fusion agent, this agent increases the energy uptake for the printed areas and induces fusing to form a solid part.  Around the edges of the part, detailing agent is printed to inhibit the fusing at the part extremities.  This process allows the manufacturing of sharp, detailed parts that are typical of the MJF system.

A further detailed overview of the process can be seen on the video.

While the MJF production system can make parts that are simply impossible to make by other means, as with all manufacturing techniques there are some design considerations for producing MJF parts.  For a detailed design guide please contact Incremental Engineering......