Multi Jet Fusion

Incremental Engineering uses an HP Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 4200 production system.  This HP MJF system manufacturer parts by layering PA12 (Poly-amide or Nylon) powder in fine layers of 0.08mm thickness.  To each layer the areas that are to become parts are in effect printed with fusion agent, this agent increases the energy uptake for the printed areas and induces fusing to form a solid part.  Around the edges of the part, detailing agent is printed to inhibit the fusing at the part extremities.  This process allows the manufacturing of sharp, detailed parts that are typical of the MJF system.

A further detailed overview of the process can be seen on the video.

While the MJF production system can make parts that simply are simply impossible to make by other means, as with all manufacturing techniques there are some design considerations for producing MJF parts.  For a detailed design guide please contact Incremental Engineering......


All parts produced by Incremental Engineering are supplied free of loose powder, this is achieved by bead blasting each part upon completion.  This raw state yields a pleasing grey tactile finish that can be used directly or further processes can be applied.  We can offer a black dye process to enhance and even the finish of parts.  For production orders we can also offer painted or plated finishes.

Additive Advice

With over 25 years of experience in machine and instrumentation design Incremental Engineering is well placed to help SMEs on their journey to adoption of Additive Manufacturing.  This can take the form of general design advice or on a part by part basis.  If we print a part for you and we see a possible improvement in terms of material saving (ie cost saving) or process improvement (ie cost saving) we will advise you of this.  There is no charge for this service.  Also if we feel your requirements do not suit the MJF system that we run in house but would better suit an alternative system we will be sure to tell you.  We are interested in forming relationships with SMEs that endure beyond a few manufactured parts.

Hybrid manufacturing

We have strong relationships with external highly experienced traditional machining shops that can be harnessed to provide a hybrid manufacturing service.  This can take the form of final machining to AM parts to yield high tolerances or composite parts made from metallic and PA12 elements.  Please contact Incremental Engineering with any hybrid manufacturing requirements.    

Design and make

We carry out 3D modelling in house but we also have a network of highly skilled and experienced contract Product Developers and Design Engineers that would be happy to assist on larger projects.  So if you have 2D drawings or even just a sketch we can help you get to a finished manufactured product.